A peak behind the gigantic enterprise design kimono.

Tomorrow I will join a panel to talk about “Designing the Enterprise.” The event is hosted by Funsize and will take place at 6PM in downtown Austin at TechSpace.

Ryan Rumsey, Annette Priest, and I will share our experiences and point of view on how to “navigate the sometimes tricky waters of enterprise organizations. The discussion will center around Culture, Career Path and Professional Development as well as Hiring.”

Funsize has put together an interesting group around an interesting topic and I’m looking forward to sharing what I know — what I feels — and hearing from the experiences of Ryan and Anette. Especially Ryan, because, well, Electronic Arts!

If all goes well the session will be recorded and turned into a future program for Hustle. If you aren’t subscribed to the podcast yet, make it happen now.

Constant Observer. Occasional Writer. Operations Chief. People Coach. Design Enthusiast. Type Collector.

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