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Last week was mostly spent going through new employee orientation at USAA. It has to be the best onboarding experience I’ve been through to date. The company culture is strong, so much so that you can feel it in the hallways. Thousands of people who are genuinely happy to be working at USAA — happy to be working for the betterment of the membership. It reminds me of the level of exuberance at Airbag and Happy Cog, in the early days, but to see it happen at the scale of USAA is simultaneously jaw dropping and infectious.

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We have a freakin’ eagle for a logo

USAA is a singular place where you don’t have to sell user centered design because everyone’s primary focus is on the member. And it’s been that way since day one. No matter who you talk to, their priorities are the same: Member first, everything else is second. It’s incredible.

While the design program at USAA has existed for almost a year, it still has that new MacBook smell. There are opportunities all around to build the design culture, grow awareness about best practices, and drive adoption. While that might sound daunting, it’s hard to convey how ready and willing everyone is to interact with the design program in effort to become a better business for our members.

If that sounds interesting to you, then let’s talk because I am looking for the best talent that is ready to make meaningful, positive, tangible impacts on people’s day-to-day lives. If you know someone who would be a great fit, send them my way.

USAA is hiring for all of the positions: designers, researchers, front-end developers, product managers, directors, and an executive director or two. These positions are located up and down the 35: San Antonio (where I would move to tomorrow if I had the opportunity — it is quickly becoming the old, chill Austin that we lost in 2012), Austin (unchill, since 2012), and Plano (I have no opinions about this place but the studio is brand spanking new). No matter where you work, it’s a great company with fantastic benefits, design challenges, and we all work on the side of the angels.

If you would like to know more ping me on LinkedIn.

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