This morning I came across Insider, a new publication—a new product—from the masters of journalism innovation at the New York Times:

Here you’ll find behind-the-scenes insights into how The New York Times works — how we make decisions, and how our news and feature stories come together every day.

We do this through conversation, interviews, stories, photographs, first-person accounts, historical deep dives and more.

I just joined Insider this morning but I have a few quick thoughts to pass along:

This isn’t a complete peek behind the kimono. Yes, there are a few pieces published about how the people at the Times do their job, but it’s driven by a related story as opposed to a simple “how-to” content the clutters so many publications. For example (subscription may be required): What It’s Like to Cover Mass Shootings — One After the Other and 4 Blockbuster Supreme Court Decisions, 12 Pre-Written Stories Waiting in the Wings.

I love the embrace of multiple formats from copy to podcasts to short films. I appreciate that they are putting a lot of effort into making this a full experience as opposed to another, simple blog. It would be intersting if they put some of these pieces out onto other platforms like Medium to gain exposure and entice new readers to subscirbe.

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